Review – Painless Contact Lenses

Are you struggling to work with your current contact lenses? Come pay a visit to Dr. Barry Leonard and get the contact lenses that are right for you!

Dr. Barry Leonard is the best Optometrist in Los Angeles because he recognizes how large of a role the comfort of your eyes plays in your daily life.

This particular patient was having a lot of trouble with his old contact lenses. It got to the point where he had to take time off work because the pain he was feeling was so bad. Luckily enough for him, he paid a visit to us here at Dr. Barry Leonard and Associates and got his problems sorted out so he could go back to his job and work in complete comfort.



Before I couldn’t see anything and now I can actually see perfectly normal- actually, better than normal. Visually, I couldn’t see anything before, now it’s clean, it’s clear, and I don’t have to worry about any kind of pain like I used to at all. Pretty much, I work for a government contractor company. I build specialty builds, which is pretty much all of the prototypes- the stuff people can’t talk about. Visually you need to see all the miniature components and I couldn’t see any anymore. I was just in so much pain with the contacts I had before, that I was diving under tables because the light would feel like it was beating me up or I had to just dive and just be like “I can’t deal with it anymore!” Now that I’m wearing these new contact lenses, it’s a lot better. No more pain visually, it’s perfect.


Are you experiencing pain with your current contacts? Has it gotten to the point where you can’t even function because it’s so painful to concentrate in your current state? Don’t let this go on any longer.

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