Review – Prescription Glasses For Cyclists

At Dr. Barry Leonard and Associates, we realize how big of an impact having a competitive edge can make. It’s for this reason that Dr. Barry Leonard is the best Optometrist in Los Angeles.

This particular patient is a competitive cycler who was having issues seeing in a variety of different conditions. After evaluating the patient, Dr. Barry Leonard was able to give this patient a pair of glasses that would give him a competitive edge. As you will be able to see, this cyclist really benefitted from visiting Dr. Barry Leonard.



Hello, my name is Pedro Martinez. I’m a patient of Dr. Barry Leonard and Associates. I appreciate Dr. Leonard for sponsoring me. I race for serious cycling. I started racing in November, and I got these about a month ago maybe. I’ve already done a couple races and I’ve gotten first place, and second place. It really helps me out. I can see everything a lot better, it gives me a competitive edge, it helps me when the sun is hitting me, it’s just a lot better- the lenses are awesome. This place is awesome, come and check them out.


Are you looking for an Optometrist that can help you gain a competitive edge in your sport? If so, Dr. Barry Leonard and Associates is the place for you!

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