Cataract Patient Says “I can See Again”

We recently saw a new patient, Hedy W., who visited us after a year of poor vision due to cataracts. After her visit, she sent us a beautiful thank you note:

I Can See Again
I am in early stages of cataracts, but Dr. Leonard got me seeing very well again with custom lenses. He took his time and explained how to make them comfortable for wearing as I was having issues. With his advise, I am able to wear them comfortably and I’m driving more relaxed because I’m seeing well again after a year of poor vision. I was crying from happiness because I was so overwhelmed. Thanks Dr. Leonard and your caring staff for what you did for me.

Patients from nearby in the San Fernando Valley and all across Los Angeles and Southern California come to see Dr. Barry Leonard for his caring demeanor and expertise at treating or repairing any eye condition. If you have an eye disease like Hedy, or just need an eye exam for yourself or for your children, visit Dr. Barry Leonard. You can make an appointment online or call us at 818-891-6711.

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