Review – Contact Lenses For Keratoconus

At Dr. Barry Leonard and Associates, we’ll provide you with the help you need for your Keratoconus. If you need contact lenses for Keratoconus, we’ll help you get set up with a pair of contact lenses that help you improve your vision and live comfortably.


I came in here because I didn’t know I had a type of condition- Keratoconus. Being the fact that there was help here, everybody was professional, I got great lenses, and I can see now. I highly recommend that you come in and get checked out- It’s really worth it.

Are you looking to go to an Optometrist that will get you contact lenses that will help you with your Keratoconus? If so, pay a visit to Dr. Barry Leonard and Associates. At Dr. Barry Leonard and Associates, we have a team of experienced professionals that strive to help you live in complete comfort with your eye conditions.

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