Review – Digital Progressive Lenses

This patient had a great experience with Dr. Barry Leonard, the best Optometrist in Los Angeles.

After visiting with Dr. Barry Leonard, this patient received a pair of digital progressive lenses. To her delight, the digital progressive lenses ended up being 10 times better than the glasses she had before.

It’s safe to say that Dr. Barry Leonard’s advice to this patient was good advice!




Dr. Leonard, I stopped by to not complain about my vision, but to give you my praises about the new digital progressive lenses that you prescribed for me. I’m glad I took your advice because these progressives are 10 times better than what I had before. I used to have a problem with blurry vision whenever I would look down, especially vacuuming or going down steps, and that has gone away with these lenses. My peripheral vision is better and my range of vision is too. I don’t have any issues looking to the side anymore, and it’s just great. So rather than coming in with a complaint about my glasses, and asking you to tweak the prescription, I’m coming in to thank you for recommending these lenses.


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