Keratoconus Treatment Review on Yelp from Danny A.

A glowing Keratoconus treatment review isn’t uncommon for Dr. Leonard’s practice. The time he takes with every patient to diagnose their vision challenges and teach them about vision health really pays off. A few of his most passionate patients leave reviews on Yelp.

Keratoconus Treatment Review on Yelp, Thanks Danny!

We love to hear from our happy patients. Here is a review Danny A. posted on our Yelp page:

First off have Keratoconus. I have been struggling with this for about 10 years. A previous Optometrist that I had been seeing since then has fitted me with many different contacts and it was always painful. My social life was affected greatly because by the end of the day I had to remove them. That Optometrist said a corneal transplant would be the next thing to do if I wanted to get a good fit. I started the process for a transplant but I want to see if another Optometrist had better luck or agreed. Dr. Leonard instantly said no. That he could fit me with a pair. As of 1 week I have no pain, my vision is significantly improved and comfort level is outstanding. I still need some tweaks but 1000% better than any contacts I have tried and or tried to get fitted with. I drive about 1 1/2 to see him and I would drive double that. If you have kc, I absolutely recommend Dr. Leonard!

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Dr. Leonard helps valley eye patient find best prescription glasses.
Dr. Leonard has thousands of prescription eye frames to choose from. When battling Keratoconus, eyeglasses are a common first step.
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