Does your Keratoconus prevent you from living a full life? Besides the double vision, halos and generally poor vision, do you suffer from Dry Eyes, itchy eyes, bloodshot eyes, eye fatigue, headaches, inability to wear contacts for longer than a few hours, or the inability to drive at night?

Whether Keratoconus is a new diagnosis for you or you have been wrestling with it for decades, there is a solution to the poor vision and constant annoyances that Keratoconus causes.

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Dr. Barry Leonard is a nationally known expert on Keratoconus and the Founder and Clinical Director of the California Keratoconus Center. He lectures on Keratoconus and trains other optometrists on its treatment. And now Dr. Leonard has written an ebook for Keratoconus sufferers like you. You will discover what Keratoconus is, why some treatments usually fail, and how to finally see clearly with Keratoconus! Please enter your name and email address, and get it today!

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