Insert scleral contacts like a pro by watching this video.  Insert and remove scleral contacts with ease, while maintaining great eye hygiene.

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1. Good Hygiene – A Critical First Step Before You Insert Scleral Contacts

Ensure that your scleral contact lenses are clean and free from foreign debris. Then, focus on the condition of your eyes. Rinsing your eye-lids and the skin surrounding your eyes is a great first step. And don’t forget to clean your fingers. They’ll be in direct contact with your scleral lenses.

By the way, soaps with added moisturizers are really bad for your scleral contacts. They can damage the material that help correct your vision. Reducing the number of chemicals that come into contact with your eyes is always a good idea. If you experience eye discomfort after or during the insertion of your scleral contacts, it’s very important to contact your Optometrist.

2. Hold Your Scleral Contacts Up to a Light Source

Before putting your scleral contact lens into your eye, it’s important that you visually inspect the lense for clarity and hygiene. If you see dots, or weird shapes on the lens, it’s a good idea to rinse your contact lens. Once the contact is in contact with your eye, foreign objects can cause irritation.

3. Secure Your Scleral Contact on Two Fingers and Align it With Your Eye

Place the scleral contact on two fingers for better stability. Place a drop of saline on the scleral lens. Then, reach around the back of your head with your other arm and open your eye-lid with your free hand. Place the scleral contact lens on your exposed eyeball.

And just like that, you’ve mastered an art-form. Insert or remove scleral contacts with ease. It takes a little practice, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time!