Consistent eye care is the key to avoiding many kinds of eye diseases…but try as you might, you still might end up with an eye disease that you’ve inherited from a parent, or that was caused by your personal habits.

At our offices, we treat all types of eye diseases, including these:


Keratoconus is a rare condition where the cornea forms in a cone shape. Normal corneas are rounded, only slightly bulging out beyond the eyeball. In people with Keratoconus, the cornea protrudes out in a shallow cone. This distorts vision and makes the eye more sensitive to glare. Read more about Keratoconus.


You probably know it by its more common name, Nearsightedness, which is the ability to see things clearly when they are close, but not when they are far away. The physical causes of Myopia are simple — the light coming through your cornea doesn’t focus at the back of the eye. But what causes this condition? Read more about Myopia.


Glaucoma is an eye disease that causes fluid to build up in your eye, increasing pressure within your eye, and damaging the optic nerves. Glaucoma can cause vision loss and blindness if left untreated. Do you remember that puff of air into your eye at your last eye exam? That was to test for Glaucoma. But what causes it? Read more about Glaucoma.


Light passes through your cornea and lens of your eye to reach your retina, the light receptors at the back of your eye. When either your cornea or lens isn’t entirely round and symmetrical, the light passing through it, which causes distortion. But what can you do about it? Read more about Astigmatism.

Whatever issues you are having with your vision, the Optometrists at Dr. Barry Leonard can diagnose and treat you.


Cataracts cloud the clear lens of the eye which can significantly reduce your ability to see. While most cataracts develop slowly, over time they will interfere with your eyesight and daily life. If left untreated, cataracts can lead to total vision loss. But what can you do if you have been diagnosed with cataracts? Read more about Cataracts.

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