In recent years, Optometrists have begun to warn their patients about the danger posed by the many different types of glaucoma. Today, glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness in the United States. Are you wondering whether you might be at risk, or worried about the potentially devastating symptoms of this disease? Dr. Barry Leonard, a widely recognized, top glaucoma specialist in Los Angeles, can help.

A Common Ailment

Glaucoma is a ocular disease that causes fluids to build up inside the eye and affect the normal function of the optic nerve, sometimes leading to blindness. It can take many different forms, and recent research suggests that more than three million American adults suffer from some kind of glaucoma. Although people over the age of 60 are more likely to develop glaucoma, it can affect people of any demographic.

Fortunately, there are many options for glaucoma treatment, including medicines and supplements, specialized laser treatments, and conventional surgeries. But in order to receive treatment, you must have an accurate diagnosis. Unfortunately, glaucoma does not present noticeable symptoms for many people. While some experience blurry vision, eye pain, or dizziness, others don’t notice any negative effects until it is too late.

A Pain-Free Way

There is simply no way to identify and diagnose glaucoma without a thorough eye exam. However, many people put off making an appointment because of the traditional methods that were used to measure intraocular pressure, an important indicator of early glaucoma. Have you ever avoided the eye doctor because you hated having a puff of air pushed into your eye?

There’s no reason to delay that appointment and jeopardize your eyes’ health any longer. As the most experienced glaucoma specialist in Los Angeles, Dr. Leonard has taken steps to make regular eye exams more convenient and comfortable for everyone. This includes implementation of state-of-the-art “no-puff” eye exams. Dr. Leonard uses a revolutionary device known as the iCare Tonometer to test intraocular pressure without the annoying puff of air. Just a gentle tap against the surface of the eye, and you’re done! Many patients do not even realize that the procedure is over.

Dr. Leonard is an expert in the glaucoma field, and has helped hundreds of patients manage this disease and keep their eyes clear and healthy for years to come. As a trained glaucoma specialist, Dr. Leonard understands the many different forms that this complex disease often takes. He can recommend a variety of treatment approaches, from medication to laser surgery, and can explain how to best cope with any existing symptoms.

A Trusted Glaucoma Specialist in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a highly qualified, experienced glaucoma specialist in Los Angeles, then you need to contact Dr. Barry Leonard. Dr. Leonard is a certified therapeutic Optometrist with an extensive background in treating glaucoma, addressing other ocular diseases, and providing exceptional pre- and post-operative care. He and his staff can provide a thorough , and offer you expert advice on treatment plans. Don’t let a fear of an eye exam
prevent you from protecting your health and vision for years to come! Call 818-891-6711, or simply make an appointment online, to learn more.