What’s the worst part of going to the eye doctor? For most people, it’s the part of the appointment when the Optometrist sits shoots a scary puff of air directly onto their eyes. Thankfully, you don’t need to put up with this inconvenient and uncomfortable test any longer!

Dr. Barry Leonard and his staff now use the iCare Tonometer, a revolutionary new method for no-puff glaucoma testing.

Is Glaucoma Testing Necessary?

Measuring the intraocular pressure of the eye is the most important element of glaucoma testing. This type of test can detect glaucoma in its early stages, often before any symptoms begin to affect your life. Unfortunately, many people do not catch the symptoms of glaucoma until their condition has begun to seriously affect their lives and destroy their vision.

Since most people with glaucoma do not experience any noticeable symptoms, visiting your Optometrist for regular testing is crucial. This no-puff glaucoma testing is one of the only ways to test for this debilitating disease. And the iCare Tonometer delivers the same precise results as the normal “air-puff” test, ensuring accurate results.

What Is No-Puff Glaucoma Testing Like?

No-puff glaucoma testing is much less intimidating than the standard equipment for testing intraocular pressure. It’s simply a small plastic orb attached to a short handle. Your Optometrist will bring the iCare tonometer close to your eye and tap it against your cornea very quickly and gently. No intimidating puffs of air, no annoying eye drops, no bulky equipment up next to your face. Just one small tap, and you’re done.

Will you feel anything during no-puff glaucoma testing? Probably not! Many patients report feeling a slight twitching or tickling, but the sensation is painless and lasts for only a moment. If you blink, you might miss it. It’s a kinder, gentler way to keep your eyes healthy.

Who Does It Benefit?

In a word: everybody! Everyone should be regularly tested, especially if you have risk factors or a family history of glaucoma, but nobody enjoys that “puff.” But since glaucoma is responsible for 9-12 percent of all blindness in the United States, you don’t want to put your vision on the line by neglecting this important test.

However, every parent knows how difficult it is to get their child to sit still for the “air-puff.” And for those who have more serious conditions or sensitive eyes, the intraocular pressure test can be particularly painful. These people deserve the security that comes from regular, accurate glaucoma testing—and now, they can have it without the fuss!

Learn More

If you’ve avoided the Optometrist’s office for years because of that pesky puff, there’s no need to do so any longer. Dr. Leonard and his entire staff are trained to use the iCare tonometer, and have made this innovative new no-puff glaucoma testing method a regular part of every eye exam. It’s just one part of our continued dedication to your health and comfort.

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