What Is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology treatment, or Ortho-K, is a non-surgical procedure that reshapes the cornea. Participants in this unique treatment are prescribed specialized contact lenses, which they wear overnight. With consistent use, these lenses gently help the cornea focus light more effectively onto the retina.

Over time, this treatment allows you to see more clearly during the day without relying on prescription glasses or contact lenses. Patients who undergo orthokeratology treatment gain amazing new clarity. Many even recover the ability to see normally without prescription glasses or contact lenses. Your Optometrist may also use the term Corneal Refractive Therapy (or CRT) when referring to orthokeratology.

Treatment for Myopia

Many Americans are familiar with the effects of myopia, or nearsightedness. If you’ve ever had difficulty seeing distant objects clearly, then you know how much frustration this common vision problem can cause.

Most myopia is caused by viewing text or other information up close for an extended period of time. It’s no surprise that excessive smartphone and computer use has been linked to the myopia epidemic. Over time, this strain elongates the eyeball and blurs normal vision.

An eye exam from a qualified myopia doctor will tell you if you suffer from this common vision problem. If you have been diagnosed with myopia, you can now choose from a variety of treatment options, such as LASIK surgery, prescription eyewear, or traditional contact lenses. For some patients, Ortho-K treatment may also be an option. If you suffer from dry eyes or abnormally large pupils, you may not be a candidate for Ortho-K.

A certified Optometrist can use this innovative treatment to help patients with a variety of vision issues. Some of these issues include:

Myopia Lens

This treatment requires specially calibrated, gas-permeable contact lenses that allow oxygen to flow directly to the cornea. Since oxygen is a critical element of eye health, restoring healthy levels is the first step to solving many common problems.

Regular contact lenses can block oxygen from reaching the surface of your eye, causing irritation and restricting the size of the corrective lens. Larger, gas-permeable contact lenses greatly improve vision more without sacrificing the oxygen supply to the surface of the eye.

Ortho-K contact lenses, which are worn at night and removed in the morning, gradually correct the shape of your corneas. Once removed, your eyes will be better able to focus the light entering your eye during the day. With consistent nightly use and care, a single pair of Ortho-K lenses can correct your vision for up to three years.

Orthokeratology Treatment in the San Fernando Valley (SFV)

Because the benefits of Ortho-K contact lenses overnight are temporary, it’s important that patients regularly follow up with an orthokeratology specialist. Dr. Leonard and Associates offer orthokeratology treatment at their Panorama City optometry office.

An eye exam will help Dr. Leonard determine if you are a good candidate for orthokeratology treatment. You can schedule your eye exam online or give his bilingual team of vision experts a call for more information.