If you play a sport, any sport, you know that proper equipment is essential, both to enhance your abilities as well as to protect you. And if your children play sports, you probably know that protecting their eyes is even more important. And of course, if you or they wear prescription glasses, you know how important it is to be able to see clearly. For baseball players, prescription baseball glasses can help you not only see clearly on the field, but they can protect your eyes, too.

Prescription Baseball Glasses Help Your Game

Prescription baseball glasses may not be the first piece of equipment you think of when you think about what you need to play America’s Pastime. But as important as cleats are for running, a bat is for hitting, and a glove is for catching, prescription baseball glasses are essential for seeing the ball and protecting your eyes.

Prescription baseball glasses are probably one of the most essential and under-rated tools for success in baseball for a variety of reasons. Many players need prescription lenses to improve their vision. For these players, it’s essential to wear prescription baseball glasses made specifically for sports. In addition to helping you see clearly, you can add tinting to your prescription baseball glasses to reduce glare and improve your ability to track a baseball on the field.

The Protection You need

Prescription baseball glasses can also protect your eyes from the potential impact of flying baseball heading for your face. Most players can attest that getting hit by a ball traveling in excess of 70, 80, or 90-plus miles per hour is painful and can cause a lot of damage. If you’re wearing regular glasses or sunglasses that are not rated for sports use, those kinds of hits can pop out or break a lens and can cause a serious eye injury. A good pair of prescription baseball glasses can help minimize damage.

How to Choose Your Frames

After you get your eye exam, you’ll want to look at frames. A good pair of prescription baseball glasses should always have polycarbonate lenses and nylon frames. It’s very difficult to shatter polycarbonate lenses which is why they provide the best defense against the impact from a baseball. In terms of flexibility, nylon frames are great because they are lightweight, strong, and resilient.

Prescription baseball glasses should fit snugly, which reduces movements that can distract you during play. Even if you don’t need lenses to correct your vision, you should still invest in a good pair of tinted baseball glasses. They can help you better judge distances and see the ball more quickly while at bat and while playing defense.

What To Do Next

Not only is winning important, but so is protecting your health. So it’s very important for baseball and softball players to invest in a good pair of prescription baseball glasses, with corrective and/or tinted lenses. Dr. Barry Leonard offers a large variety of sports frames to choose from, including Oakley and other popular brands. For your next pair of prescription baseball glasses, contact Dr. Barry Leonard’s office at (818) 891-6711 or make an appointment online.