You wouldn’t leave your cycling helmet at home–but do you give your eyes the same protection as your head? According to the New York Times, outdoor cycling sends children to the hospital for eye injuries more often than football. Your eyes meet plenty of risks on the road, including nasty crashes, flying debris, and continuous radiation damage from the sun. Prescription cycling glasses are the perfect solution to all those problems.

Choose The Right Pair of Prescription Cycling Glasses

When you’re out for a ride, you need to see clearly and protect your eyes from damage. Prescription cycling glasses are extremely versatile, offering models for every kind of rider. All feature wide, curving lenses that maintain a full field of vision. Fit them correctly, and you just might forget that you’re wearing glasses at all!

Lenses can be made with your prescription, so you won’t need to leave clear vision behind when you take to the road or trail. And those trendy lens colors don’t just look sharp—they also have distinct purposes. Here are the four most popular lens colors, along with the situations in which they are most useful:

  • Grey: Great for blocking out light without altering color perception, a good all-purpose option
  • Copper: Excellent at increasing contrast, perfect for both road and trail
  • Yellow: Perfect for increasing contrast without darkening the scene, very useful in low-light situations
  • Clear: Good for rainy days and night rides

You can also choose from a variety of lens coatings to customize your glasses. Prepped for an all-terrain session? Look into photochromatic lenses, which shift color depending on the light conditions. If you’re a fan of long road rides, make sure you purchase lenses with both UVA and UVB protection to protect your eyes and face from the sun’s harsh rays. Riders who tend to get hot can opt for anti-fog lenses, and frequent riders often invest in sturdy shatter-proof models. Mirror-coated lenses shield your eyes from bright sunlight, while polarized lenses cut away glares and reflections that impact your line of sight.

Can’t decide? No problem. Most cycling glasses feature an interchangeable design, allowing you to pop different lenses in and out depending on the conditions of your ride.

Add Awesome Features

Now that you’ve decided on the perfect lenses, you’ll need to keep them on your face. Thankfully, modern prescription cycling glasses are form-fitting, comfortable, and even stylish! Here are a few of the key features you should always look for:

  • Polycarbonate frame: Hitting the road with a pair of metal or standard plastic sunglasses is a no-go for cyclists, since the brittle materials can shatter on impact and cause serious damage to your face and eyes. Instead, opt for durable and flexible polycarbonate, which wraps around your face and provides crash-proof protection.
  • Good fit: The perfect pair of cycling glasses should sit close on your face without impairing your peripheral vision or snagging in your hair. The glasses should sit close to your face, rest on your cheeks and forehead, and adhere firmly but comfortably to the sides of your head.
  • Comfortable padding: High-quality cycling glasses incorporate plenty of grippy rubber pads on the nose and around the frame. These help to secure the glasses and reduce annoying

Add together all these features, and you’re well on your way to a comfortable, durable riding companion.

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