It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting at the shooting range or at an outdoor range, prescription shooting glasses are just as important to wear when shooting a firearm as the earmuffs you wear to protect your ears. All shooters should wear glasses for safety reasons.

However, not only are our RE Ranger prescription shooting glasses important for safety, they also have performance benefits. When wearing prescription shooting glasses, you’ll notice that they make shooting and hunting easier and more accurate.

Why Prescription Shooting Glasses are Important

  • Firearm Safety: Safety should be a concern any time you shoot a gun. This is especially true when it comes to your eyes as it’s possible to get hit with a ricocheted pebble, a deviated shotgun pellet, or even excess powder can blow back into your eyes. You’re also at risk when cleaning your firearm as cleaning solvents or springs can come loose. When wearing prescription shooting glasses, your eyes are protected from many possible safety hazards.
  • Outdoor Safety: If you enjoy shooting outdoors, it’s no secret that random bits of anything can fly into your face when you’re outside. This includes things like stray branches, twigs, and leaves. If you expect the unexpected, the likelihood of sustaining an injury is dramatically reduced.
  • Sharper Sight: Not only is wearing prescription shooting glasses a good idea for safety reasons, but it also helps improve your shooting performance. You can have different color lenses depending on your shooting environment. Some of the most popular colors are gray, which effectively block out the glare of the sun, or purple lenses which can help you distinguish your target when it’s against the trees. There are also yellow lenses, which offer its wearer a more detailed line of vision. Finally, amber lenses work well when shooting on cloudy days. It’s also a good idea to look for glasses that allow you to interchange the lenses as the seasons change.

Other Benefits of Prescription Shooting Glasses

Other important things to consider when buying prescription shooting glasses include finding a pair that’s both strong and lightweight, which means looking for glasses made out of a plastic called polycarbonate. Also, it’s important to buy wrap-around glasses as they cover any holes or openings around the eye that could potentially let debris or glare in. Finally, you want to buy a pair that offers the right balance of fit and comfort. There’s nothing more distracting than glasses that have to constantly be adjusted.

It doesn’t matter how accurate you are with your shooting or how much practice you’ve had, the right prescription shooting glasses can dramatically improve shooting performance.

Choosing Your Prescription Shooting Glasses

Before you choose your frames, be sure you have a prescription from a recent eye exam, or make an appointment to get one now.

So, which pair is right for you? We carry the complete line of RE Ranger prescription shooting glasses. With all the different choices available and everything that needs to be taken into consideration, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, experts like Dr. Barry Leonard can help guide you so that you make the right choice from the full line of RE Ranger glasses.

Since 1957, Dr. Leonard and Associates have served and helped patients and friends take care of their eyes by offering top-of-the-line eye wear brands like RE Ranger, which are lightweight, durable, high-quality glasses that are perfect for shooting.

If you’re interested in finding which prescription shooting glasses are right for you, you can make an appointment by calling 818-891-6711 or by making an appointment online. You deserve to have the best and safest experience when shooting and Dr. Leonard can help you get that with the right prescription shooting glasses.