Recent studies have shown that soccer players, especially children, risk severe eye injuries each time they step onto the field. It’s no surprise: missed header balls, stray elbows, and flying field debris can all cause serious damage to the eye itself, as well as the sensitive surrounding areas. Contacts are always a great option for sports, but not everyone is able to wear them comfortably or safely–especially during a sport as active as soccer. That’s why prescription soccer goggles have become more common over the last few years. Read on to learn more about how this innovative eyewear can keep you or your soccer-loving child covered during every game!

See Better with Prescription Soccer Goggles

Of course, before you shop for any prescription eyeglasses, make sure you have an updated prescription from a recent eye exam. Many soccer players worry that prescription soccer goggles or glasses will interfere with their line of sight, making it difficult to line up a shot or dodge opposing players. This was true of the prescription sports glasses of the past, but today the opposite is true.

Since modern soccer goggles are fitted with your prescription, they actually enhance your performance on the field. Imagine you or your child never having to squint at the ball or lose track of a play because of poor vision. A wide range of lens styles and colors protect your eyes from bright sunlight and UV radiation without distorting color or depth perception. And prescription soccer goggles and glasses boast a streamlined, single-panel design that allows for excellent peripheral and downward vision, allowing you to keep other players and the ball in sight at all times. You’ll never miss another crucial pass or shot!

Stay Comfortable

In addition to those high-visibility frames, high-end soccer goggles also incorporate plenty of comfort and safety features. Here are a few of the key features you should look out for in your next pair of prescription soccer goggles:

  • Polycarbonate lenses: To absorb shocks from balls and other hard impacts, choose a durable one-piece polycarbonate lens. These shatter-proof lenses come in multiple colors to maximize contrast, and you can also opt for fog- or scratch-proof versions to add an extra layer of performance.
  • Sports band: Most high-quality prescription soccer goggles and glasses utilize a removable, washable elastic band that wraps around the back of your head. This keeps the glasses secure during rowdy games without cramping or pinching your face.
  • Plenty of padding: In order for soccer glasses or goggles to be comfortable, you need to find one that fits your face. High-end models achieve that perfect fit through removable side pads a shock-resistant brow bridge, and a flexible nosepiece protector.

These options prove that you don’t need to sacrifice performance or comfort for safety. You wouldn’t step onto the field without properly fitted cleats or secure shin pads—the next time you play, give your eyes the same treatment!

Learn More

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