Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce “After 5” Business Networking Event

Next to helping his patients see better and keeping physically fit and healthy, one of Dr. Barry Leonard’s greatest joys is serving and leading the local community. Dr. Leonard is a habitual volunteer and served as the president of the Greater San Fernando Valley Chamber of Commerce. So it’s no surprise that Dr. Leonard recently opened up his office after-hours to the Chamber and its members recently for an “After 5” business networking event.

On November 30, Dr. Leonard played host to about 70 local business leaders. Great food and drinks, including beer and wine, were served. Several door prizes were awarded, and a couple of attendees walked away with two very special prizes — free designer frames!

See what the evening was like by watching this video. Then call 818-891-6711 or visit Dr. Leonard’s website to make an appointment for your next eye exam. Dr. Leonard loves helping his patients — especially those with complex issues like Keratoconus — to see clearly and comfortably. If it’s been a while since you’ve had an eye exam, or if you have a complex vision problem that needs special treatment, come see Dr. Leonard.

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