Review – Jay Mendoza’s Keratoconus Treatment

Doctor Barry Leonard changed Instagram celebrity Jay Mendoza’s Life! Jay is best known for his hilarious videos about every day Latino life and culture in Los Angeles. Jay has Keratoconus and has suffered all his life with blurry vision, headaches, double vision, inability to drive at night, and more. He had had poor fitting contact lenses in the past, and even wore glasses, but nothing helped him see more clearly and conquer his Keratoconus. He his vision was so poor, he could barely see his own videos!

Then he met Dr. Leonard and now Jay can “See the world!” That’s because Dr. Leonard analyzed Jay’s eyes with the Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler, which maps over 300,000 points on the surface of Jay’s eyes. With that information, Dr. Leonard was able to create Scleral Contact Lenses that fit perfectly and allowed Jay to finally see 20/20 — and his own funny videos. Jay has never seen so clearly in his entire life.

And that’s the Jay Mendoza Keratoconus story…and it could be your Keratoconus story, too.

If you have Keratoconus and have struggled with poor fitting contact lenses, headaches, dry eyes, and all the rest, go see Dr. Leonard. Call him at 818-891-6711. Don’t put off living a normal life any longer! Do it today!

p.s. The other video that Jay is referring to in this video can be found on Jay’s Instagram here.


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