Keratoconus Minute 4 – Keratoconus Contact Lenses

Keratoconus (or KC for short) is a progressive disease that affects the surface of the eye and causes blurry vision and other uncomfortable symptoms. In a previous “Keratoconus Minute,” Dr. Barry Leonard—one of the nation’s leading Keratoconus doctors—talked about the cutting-edge diagnostic equipment he uses to diagnose and treat his Keratoconus patients.

In this next part of the series Dr. Leonard reveals the different types of custom Keratoconus contact lenses he creates with his advanced equipment—from hybrid lenses to scleral contact lenses that vault over the entire cornea. These custom lenses allow patients to finally see clearly.

Dr. Leonard knows exactly what it’s like to live with KC, because he has it, too! This drives his passion and commitment to help people with Keratoconus see clearly—and live better.

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Dr. Leonard has helped countless Keratoconus patients in California and across the country see finally clearly and comfortably. If you or someone you love has Keratoconus, he can help you, too.

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