If you’re unfamiliar with Keratoconus, I think you will benefit from watching these brief videos from my Keratoconus Minute video series. In these videos, you will learn a lot about this progressive eye disease that may be threatening your vision.

  • In the first video I share a personal story about why I am so passionate about treating patients with Keratoconus. Hint: I have Keratoconus, too!
  • In the second video I explain what Keratoconus is.
  • In the third video you will learn about the most advanced Keratoconus treatments.
  • And in the fourth and final video, you will learn all you need to know about Scleral Contact Lenses, my preferred method for treating Keratoconus — and what I wear every day to help me see clearly and comfortably.

I hope you enjoy and learn from these videos.

And when you’re done, call the California Keratoconus Center to make an appointment, or make your appointment online.

Dr. Barry Leonard
Director, California Keratoconus Center