Dr. Barry Leonard and his staff of specialists at the California Keratoconus Center are one of the nation’s leading Keratoconus experts. Their expertise with the Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler allows them to help fit scleral lenses for their Keratoconus patients in fewer visits and with greater satisfaction than ever before.

One of the main reasons Dr. Leonard is so passionate about Keratoconus and why he founded the California Keratoconus Center is that he is also a Keratoconus patient. He was diagnosed in the 1980s while in Optometry school and has been passionate about the condition ever since. He and his specialists have treated thousands of Keratoconus patients with great success.

In addition to treating Keratoconus patients, we are also very active in training other Optometrists and Ophthalmologists about Keratoconus and its treatment. This page contains Keratoconus resources for doctors and other eye care professionals to assist them with treating their own Keratoconus patients.

Keratoconus Resources for Doctors

Dr. Barry Leonard Onefit Scleral Lens Certificate

Dr. Barry Leonard is an expert and trainer for many different scleral lens labs, including Onefit Scleral Lenses

Presentation on Specialty Contact Lenses

Recently, Dr. Leonard conducted a continuing education training session for members of the San Fernando Valley Optometric Society (SFVOS) on using Specialty Contact Lenses for Keratoconus and other conditions. The talk was recorded. You can view it on our website here.

You can also view the Powerpoint presentation as a downloadable PDF file here.

Eaglet Eye Case Studies

The Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler is a revolutionary machine that allows doctors like us to accurately map the surface of a patient’s eye at a greater level of detail than ever before. You can read more about the Eaglet ESP on our website here.

We work closely with Eaglet to improve the design and use of this machine. Recently, Dr. Leonard was featured in two case studies published by Eaglet. These may benefit you as you consider your patients’ conditions.

Case Study 1 – Easy Scleral Fitting of a 31-year-old male with scleral lenses fitted using a “regular” Placido-type topographer. Results with the new lenses refitted with the Eaglet ESP were impressive. Find this case study on our website here. Find this case study on the Eaglet website here.

Case Study 2 – New Lens Fit for a patient with a VA of 20/250 and a highly irregular cornea, currently wearing glasses. A vision of 20/70 was achieved with a first fitting. Find this case study on our website here. Find this case study on the Eaglet website here.

California Keratoconus Center in The Media

From time to time, we are interviewed about various topics related to Keratoconus, Scleral Lenses, the latest technology and more.

Dr. Leonard is Interviewed about BostonSight Smart360 in Contact Lens Spectrum Magazine

We work closely with many contact lens labs to test and give feedback about their products. We’ve been using BostonSight’s SCLERAL Lenses for years. Recently, we have been working with BostonSight’s Smart360 FreeForm lens and are experiencing great success in fitting Keratoconus patients with these lenses. Dr. Leonard was recently interviewed by Contact Lens Spectrum magazine about our experience with Smart360, which you can find in the February 2023 issue of CLSpectrum.com here.

Keratoconus Ebook

Dr. Leonard authored an ebook about treating Keratoconus called “Seeing Clearly With Keratoconus.” It describes in layperson’s terms what Keratoconus is and how it affects the eyes, focusing greatly on treating Keratoconus with specialty contact lenses (specifically, scleral lenses). Your patients can get a free copy of this Keratoconus ebook on our website. They will be asked to enter their name and email address, and the ebook will be sent to them for free.

What to do When Contact Lens Brands are Discontinued

When contact lens manufacturers discontinue popular brands of contact lenses, you need to refit your patients wearing them with different lenses. Dr. Barry Leonard, Director of the California Keratoconus Center, joins SpecialEyes fitting consultant Korinne Ladyzhensky to share strategies for successful refits in a custom soft design. Watch the video here.

Keratoconus Support for Doctors Like You

Most importantly, please think of us as your partner in treating your patients with Keratoconus and other conditions that require specialty contact lenses. Our expertise with the Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler allows us to map up to 350,000 points on your patients’ eyes, covering 100% of the cornea and a large percentage of the sclera, which ensures a more precise fit and fewer visits for specialty lens patients.

Of course, any patients you refer to the California Keratoconus Center for specialty lenses will be referred back to you for all other Optometric needs and procedures.

You can also call us at 818-891-6711 to discuss any of your patients. We’re happy to help.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about these resources, individual cases, or how we might work together on solving your patients’ specialty contact lens issues.