Eaglet Eye Technology for Keratoconus – A Look at the Eye Surface Profiler

The Eaglet Eye Surface ProfilerWith older technology, fitting contact lenses for Keratoconus was as much a trial-and-error process as a scientific one. The older keratopography equipment could determine the shape of roughly one-half to two-thirds of your cornea. That left the prescription and fitting of your Keratoconus Contact Lenses to the estimation of your Optometrist. Most Optometrists in practice today, especially those who do not specialize in treating Keratoconus, still use that older technology.

Keratoconus Specialists like Dr. Barry Leonard, however, are integrating the latest Eaglet Eye technology for Keratoconus to provide faster and more accurate measurements than ever before. That means less time in the doctor’s office and more time enjoying your comfortable new contact lenses.

The Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler is a critically important tool for the diagnosis and treatment of Keratoconus. It is now the central element in our cKlear Method™. Read more about how we diagnose and treat Keratoconus here.

Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler – A Revolution in Eye Measurement

The Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler is a highly advanced topographical tool that allows specially trained Optometrists to take highly accurate measurements of your cornea, sclera (eye white), and limbus (area between the sclera and the cornea). Using 350,000 separate measurement points across a 20mm area, the Eaglet Surface Profiler is able to precisely and accurately map every tiny detail in your eye’s surface, making the Eaglet the perfect tool for treating Keratoconus.

Videokeratoscopes, which measure corneal curvature and radius, have traditionally allowed Optometrists to determine which contact lens shape will most closely fit the surface of your eyes. While this method worked well to take general measurements of the eye, its technology is outdated by today’s sophisticated standards.

Rather than documenting the contour of the cornea, the Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler determines the “sagittal height,” or depth of the area of the eye that the contact lens must cover. This eye measurement for contacts gives a more complete picture of the shape of your eye.

Integrating Eaglet Eye Technology Into the cKlear Method for a Perfect Contact Lens Fit

Traditionally, Keratoconus patients have contact lenses that hurt, itch, or cause discomfort, but the Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler and the cKlear Method make that fear virtually obsolete.

The Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler creates dynamic, information-rich 3D height maps of the surface of your eyes, to determine which contact lenses will fit you best. With unlimited flexibility in designing custom contact lenses, your lenses are sure to perfectly match your eyes’ unique needs and be optimized for your daily comfort.

Dr. Barry Leonard uses the latest Eaglet Eye Technology to design better-fitting contact lenses for those suffering from Keratoconus or dry eyes.

Got Dry Eyes? Eaglet Eye Technology Can Help

The Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler is useful for more than just treating Keratoconus. It can also help Optometrists discover the right contact lens for a variety of other conditions and even help to treat dry eyes.

By measuring by sagittal height compensates for minuscule differences in corneal shape, the Eaglet Eye technology ensures an optimal flow of moisture and oxygen to the eyes, making sure that your contacts stay fresh and lubricated all day long.

Eagle Eye Surface Profiler Updated for 2022

One of the amazing benefits of the Eagle Eye Surface Profiler is the data that it creates from reading the surface of your eye can be sent directly to the scleral contact lens laboratories. In fact, Eaglet works closely with the top scleral lens laboratories to develop its software.

The Eaglet’s software, which was upgraded to version 6.1 in 2022, has been upgraded to integrate with even more contact lens labs, giving you and your Keratoconus specialist a wider choice of scleral lenses to choose from to help treat your specific Keratoconus issues.

New algorithms have also been built into the Eaglet software to make every patient’s data more accurate, and to enhance the flexibility your doctor has in designing your lenses.

Learn More about How Eaglet Eye Technology for Keratoconus Can Help You

As leading optometry experts across the country realize that the Eye Surface Profiler provides more accurate and meticulous measurements of their patients’ eyes, more and more are beginning to implement it in their practice.

However, there are currently very few providers in the United States who can offer this cutting-edge technology.

If you’d like to experience this revolution in comfort and convenience for yourself, you can find the Eye Surface Profiler at The California Keratoconus Center, within the office of Dr. Barry Leonard & Associates, where we’ve made it a part of our everyday eye exams.

Stop in today, call our office at 818-891-6711, or make an appointment online to discover what this revolutionary eye measurement for contacts can do for you!