Keratoconus Contact Lens Specialist

Scleral contact lenses are the perfect choice for people who want clear sight while participating in sports or other activities. But the convenience and comfort of contact lenses are often inaccessible to those who suffer from a common condition called Keratoconus. Thankfully, a new technology called the Eaglet Eye Profiler is making this process much easier—and can now be found at the California Keratoconus Center! Read on to learn more about these innovative, specialized Keratoconus contacts and whether they could be right for you.

What Is Keratoconus?

The cornea, the clear dome-shaped structure that covers the surface of your eye, normally focuses light into your eye. Keratoconus is an ocular condition that causes the cornea to bulge or thin, distorting its normal shape. Since the cornea can no longer properly focus light, vision becomes blurry and warped. This condition can be particularly debilitating, making everyday tasks like driving and reading very difficult.

Scleral Contact Lenses Custom fit for Keratoconus

Scleral Keratoconus contacts can help with Keratoconus because they never come into contact with the cornea and create a hydrating vault of fluid over the eye. They are perfect for people whose eyes do not naturally accept traditional contacts. Until this time, however, the process of fitting specialized scleral lenses required a lot of time and guesswork.

What is the Cost of Scleral Contact Lens?

Fitting scleral contact lenses is a more complex and customized process than fitting a standard lens. Doctors specializing in Keratoconus must invest in advanced technology such as the Eaglet Eye Profiler to diagnose and monitor the eye disease. The cost of treating Keratoconus and creating custom contact lenses varies with the severity of the disease and the type of lens prescribed.

Difficulties of Keratoconus Contacts

Before now, Optometrists fitted patients for scleral Keratoconus contacts through a process known as corneal topography, which created a detailed map of the eye’s surface. By looking at this topographical representation, Optometrists could figure out which parts of the eye had been distorted or dystrophied by the patient’s Keratoconus. Since performing this task required a great deal of technical skill, it involved plenty of trial and error. Patients often had to schedule a dozen exams to determine the correct fit. Once the contacts arrived, they were sometimes uncomfortable or incorrectly fitted.

How Do Keratoconus Contacts Help?

Now, with the help of the Eaglet Eye Profiler, the process has become more efficient and precise. Using this innovative new equipment, the California Keratoconus Center staff can measure the whole cornea and specifically determine the shape and size of the sclera (the white of the eye). This enables our specialists to streamline the process while ensuring a perfect fit.

Since the fitting is more precise, the resulting scleral contacts are much more comfortable. You’ll be able to wear them for more extended periods and enjoy clearer vision while keeping your eyes moist and healthy. In addition, the Eaglet Profiler includes algorithms from every contact company in the world, enabling our staff to order specialized scleral lenses for anyone.

The Scleral Contact Lens Optometrist

The specialists at the California Keratoconus Center are known as “The Best Contact Lens Specialist Optometrists in the Valley,” serving Panorama City, Van Nuys, N Hollywood, Northridge, Granada Hills & all of the San Fernando Valley. If you’d like to learn more about these innovative new Keratoconus contacts, please make a Keratoconus appointment with one of our specialists at 818-891-6711 today! We use the Eaglet Profiler to ensure a precise fit and perfect comfort. And since the process is quicker and more efficient, you’ll be out of the office in no time. We would love to help you see more clearly and enjoy everyday life more.