Learn how to use CLEAR CARE to clean your Scleral Keratoconus Contact Lenses in these 4 easy steps.

Now that you have your new contact lenses, you need to learn how to keep them clean and germ-free so that they can give you great comfort and vision for a long time. CLEAR CARE® is a terrific product for this. For those using other cleaning products, visit how to use Refine One-Step.

Step 1: Clean Up Before You Clean

One of the most important steps for healthy contact lens wear is to wash and dry your hands before touching your contact lenses.

  • Start by washing your hands
  • Use a soap that’s free of oils or lotions
  • Dry your hands with a lint-free towel

Once your hands are washed and dry, you can clean your contact lenses with the CLEAR CARE® Solution. It all starts with the unique CLEAR CARE® Solution lens case.

Step 2: The Unique CLEAR CARE® Solution Lens Case

Each new purchase of CLEAR CARE® Solution comes with a special lens case that must be used for the CLEAR CARE® Solution to work properly.

  • It contains a platinum-coated disc
  • Essential to proper neutralization
  • Converts peroxide into gentle saline solution after 6 hours

With the special lens case, you’ll actually be able to see the CLEAR CARE® Solution working—killing germs and removing protein, bacteria, dirt, and buildup.

Step 3: Removing and Cleaning Your Contact Lenses

Once ready, remove and place each soft contact lens into the specially designed lens holders in the unique CLEAR CARE® Solution lens case.

Do not put CLEAR CARE® Solution on your contact lenses and insert them directly into the eye, or burning, stinging, or redness will result.

For Soft Contact Lenses:

  • Remove and place each contact lens into the appropriately marked L/R domed lens holder. Rinse with CLEAR CARE® Solution for 5 seconds.
  • Fill the lens case to the fill line with CLEAR CARE® Solution and place the lens holder in the case.
  • Tighten the cap and store lenses for at least 6 hours or overnight. DO NOT SHAKE THE CASE.

For Gas Permeable Contact Lenses:

  • Remove your contact lenses one at a time and place them into the appropriately marked dome basket holder.
  • Place each contact lens in the palm of your hand, apply 2 to 4 drops of CLEAR CARE® Solution and rub. While rubbing your lenses with CLEAR CARE®Solution, some users may experience mild, temporary skin discoloration (bleaching) of the fingers or hands. Always wash and rinse your hands after rubbing your contact lenses with the contact lens solution.
  • Return the contact lenses to the appropriate holder and close the baskets. Thoroughly rinse the lenses for 5 seconds through the basket with CLEAR CARE®Solution.
  • Fill the lens case with CLEAR CARE® Solution and place the contact lens holder in the case. Tighten the cap and store contact lenses for at least six (6) hours. DO NOT SHAKE THE LENS CASE. Do not rinse the contact lenses. Place the contact lenses directly on the eye from the solution or place a few drops of a contact lens rewetting drop on the contact lens for extra cushioning.

Step 4: Tips For a Great CLEAR CARE®Solution Experience

Always allow your contact lenses to soak for at least six hours or overnight in the CLEAR CARE® Solution. This time is required to ensure complete neutralization of the hydrogen peroxide.

  • Never put CLEAR CARE® Solution directly in or around your eyes to avoid burning or stinging.
  • Do not remove lenses from the lens case before the six-hour soak time is complete.

Also, make sure to put away your CLEAR CARE® Solution so that it is not accidentally mistaken as a multipurpose solution by a guest or a family member.

Have Questions?

If you have trouble using CLEAR CARE® to clean your Keratoconus contact lenses or need help or advice, call the California Keratoconus Center at 818-891-6711. Or make an appointment to come in.

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