Scleral contact lenses are an excellent choice for patients that suffer from vision problems, but have irregularly shaped corneas. Traditional lenses have difficulty staying in place if the surface of the eye is abnormal. For a unique, secure fitting, scleral contact lenses are your best bet.

Who is a candidate for scleral lenses?

Scleral Contact lenses are generally for patients who have visual disability from corneal irregularity. They can be used to treat Keratoconus, trauma, or corneal transplant complications. Scleral lenses can also be used to manage patients with compromised corneas. This could be due to Stevens-Johnson syndrome, Sjogren’s syndrome, Graft Versus Host Disease, and neurotrophic keratitis.

What is involved in the fitting process?

The initial visit consists of a medical eye exam, computerized corneal maps, photography, and scleral fitting. After measurement for the lens parameters, the lab can start production of the contact lens immediately. If you are traveling, delivery of your scleral lenses can be made within 3-10 business days.

How are scleral lenses custom-designed for my eye?

Dr. Leonard uses a modern scleral lens design and fitting technique that streamlines the fitting process. Lenses are custom designed from measurements using diagnostic lenses. This process is a very efficient way to produce custom scleral lenses. He uses modern, efficient fitting methods to help minimize additional costs.

Will my insurance cover scleral contact lenses?

Every insurance company is different. We have relationships with all of the major insurance companies. If you are being fit with scleral lenses out of medical necessity, we will inquire if your insurance policy covers specialty contact lens fitting and materials. We do offer financing options through CareCredit. We understand that vision is important. So, we do our best to find an economical solution.

How can I schedule an appointment with Dr. Leonard for a scleral contact lens fitting?

Please call our office at 818-891-6711 for an appointment. You may also email us at And, of course, our online patient scheduling system is just a click away. You’ll find the button in the upper-left hand corner of every page on this site.

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