The convenience and comfort of contact lenses make them the natural choice for busy professionals, athletes, and anyone who likes to spend their life on the go. Unfortunately, contact lenses are not comfortable for everyone. A variety of ocular conditions, such as astigmatism and Keratoconus, can make them difficult to fit and wear. Now, however, Dr. Barry Leonard’s office is offering Zen Lens contacts. These innovative new contact lenses are designed for anyone who spends their life on the go. Read on to find out if they are right for you!

Benefits of Scleral Contacts

Scleral lenses can help to resolve these problems and make contact lenses comfortable for anyone, even those who are unable to wear traditional contacts. Since they do not touch the cornea and create a “vault” of fluid over the eye to keep it moist and healthy, they are a fantastic choice for anyone with kerataconus and any other corneal irregularities.

The Zen Lens contact system, developed by a team of expert Optometrists, is the next phase in contact lens innovation. It allows Dr. Leonard and his staff to make minute adjustments to the fit, which means they can tailor the lens precisely to your eyes. It also completely vaults over the cornea without making direct contact, while keeping the eye hydrated and healthy throughout the day. Many people who have never been able to wear contact lenses comfortably find that scleral lenses suit their needs perfectly.

Zen Contact Lens:

  • Comfort: Zen lenses offer unbelievable comfort to the wearer.
  • Reduced Dryness: Scleral lenses are fit with a tear layer between the cornea and lens that stays consistent throughout the day.
  • Consistent Vision: Zen  lenses are fit with a tear film between the back surface and the cornea  of the contact lens.
  • Reduced Starbursts and Glare  Zen lenses have  large optic zones that stay centered over the pupil allowing the patient optics without glare and flare.
  • Stability: Zen lenses are very stable on the eye offering consistent stable optics.

Great Fit

The Zenlens scleral lens is specifically designed to mold to a wide variety of eye shapes and sizes, making them more comfortable and durable than any contact lenses you have ever worn. Its cutting-edge Smart Curve™ system allows your Optometrist to adjust each individual measurement on its own, while its comprehensive 28-lens diagnostic system keeps the fitting procedure quick and efficient.

Zen Lens contacts offer both prolate designs, which are lengthened toward the poles, and oblate designs, which are flattened toward the poles, in order to suit every corneal shape. If you have an unusual corneal shape, Dr. Leonard can customize their optics to ensure clear vision and tweak their physical shape until they are perfectly comfortable. For these reasons, Zen Lens contacts have been our most popular and requested scleral contacts ever since they arrived.

Saves Time

The Zen Lens contact fitting procedure is much more efficient and straightforward than the contact lens fitting processes of the past. Dr. Leonard and his staff can now identify the areas of the contact that need to be fitted more precisely. While previous methods required Optometrists to spend long appointments readjusting and refitting the lenses, Zen Lenses allow for quick and easy modifications. That means less sitting in a chair being measured and more time living your life!

Learn More

If Zen Lens contacts sound like the right choice for your busy lifestyle, then get in touch with Dr. Barry Leonard’s office at 818-891-6711 to learn more about the procedure. We are proud to offer these innovative contacts for an affordable cost, at one of the best Optometrists in the San Fernando Valley.