When I speak to patients about their Keratoconus, or write about Keratoconus on my website, I work hard to help patients understand their disease as best as they can, but refrain from using some of the more technical jargon. But when I talk about Treating Keratoconus, Doctor to Doctor, I can speak at a more clinical, more precise level. That is what the video on this page is about.

The California Keratoconus Center Grand Opening

At my recent Grand Opening of the California Keratoconus Center, I did a live presentation for the doctors in attendance to share with them about the advances that we’ve made recently in treating Keratoconus. The Advanced Technology that we have here at the CKC allows us to treat Keratoconus patients faster, and with more precision than ever before, and take their vision to the next level.

Treating Keratoconus And More

Historically, effective non-surgical Keratoconus treatment required three, five or even more lens fittings before lenses fit comfortably and gave the patient optimal vision. Now, we can achieve a first fit success 52% of the time, with a second fitting accomplishing the patient’s goal as often as 85% of the time.

And not only do our techniques allow us to effectively treat Keratoconus, but we can treat other Corneal Dystrophies, such as Post-RK and Post-LASIK ectasias, and the effects of Penetrating Keratoplasty.

We can also effectively treat Ocular Surface Diseases like Dry Eye Conditions, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Ectodermal Dysplasia, Neurotrophic Keratitis and Corneal Exposures.

Watch This Video

In the Doctor to Doctor video on this page, we show you some of our recent successes and give you examples of our technology, the diagnoses we can make, and the treatments we recommend. We also show you some of the positive results we are able to achieve for our patients.

We follow that with a demonstration of the Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler, that allows us to map 350,000 points on an eye, and design Scleral Lenses for our patients.

Let’s Talk, Doctor to Doctor

Speaking Doctor to Doctor through a video is one thing. Doing it in person is even better. If you have patients with any of the aforementioned (or related) issues, let’s talk about their case and how we can co-manage their vision care. Please send an email to me at info@CaliforniaKeratoconusCenter.com or call the California Keratoconus Center at 818-891-6711 and ask for Dr. Leonard.