LensCrafters Keratoconus Seminar Taught By Dr. Barry Leonard

Dr. Barry Leonard is passionate about treating Keratoconus because he was diagnosed with it in the 1980s while in optometry school. He knows from personal experience how debilitating the eye condition can be and has dedicated himself to developing the most effective treatment available anywhere. Today, his California Keratoconus Center (CKC) is recognized worldwide as a top provider of Non-Surgical Keratoconus treatment. As a result of this drive and successful treatment of hundreds of patients with this disease, people call him the Keratoconus doctor.

The LensCrafters Keratoconus Seminar Heard From The Best

Recently, Dr. Leonard spoke to a group of LensCrafters independent owner optometrists at the Hollywood Loews Hotel, training them in properly fitting scleral and soft lenses for Keratoconus patients. The co-sponsors of the event, LensCrafters and Bausch & Lomb SVP, sought out Dr. Leonard because he is widely recognized as a leading expert in treating Keratoconus in Southern California and throughout North America, and LensCrafters wanted their optometrists to learn from the best.

Photograph of Dr. Barry Leonard discussing the three zones of basic contact lens design with a group of LensCrafters optometrists.
Discussing the three zones of basic contact lens design

During the event, Dr. Leonard discussed fitting Zenlens scleral lenses, NovaKone custom soft lenses and reviewed his treatment philosophy, and introduced several of the best practices the CKC team has developed and continues to refine. In addition to presenting and discussing these techniques, the attendees practiced what they learned in a wetlab session, where they could practice fitting contact lenses on real people in a controlled, and risk-free environment.

Enhance Your Keratoconus Knowledge and Skills

Today, Dr. Leonard regularly trains other optometrists, sharing his leading-edge knowledge and increasing the number of practices that can provide this life-altering care to Keratoconus sufferers. He is also frequently asked by leading manufacturers to help design and test new lenses.

If your Optometry practice wants to learn from the best, just as these Optometrists did at the LensCrafters Keratoconus Seminar, check the Doctor resources on the California Keratoconus Center website, or contact the California Keratoconus Center for more information, or telephone 818-891-6711.

If you are an individual with Keratoconus and want to receive the best care possible, schedule a Keratoconus appointment today with one of our Keratoconus specialists.

About the Event Sponsors

LensCrafters is one of the largest retail providers of prescription eyewear, operating over 1,000 stores in North America and China. ZenLens and NovaKone are advanced contact lenses manufactured by Bausch+Lomb to treat degenerative eye conditions like Keratoconus.

Dr. Barry Leonard going over the NovaKone contact lens.
Scientific image explaining how solar eclipses occur.