New Glasses Prescription – I Can See Everything Perfect Now

Dr. Leonard had a patient who has struggled with his eye sight for years, mostly because he hadn’t received an Eye Exam for a very long time.

He finally got an eye exam, got a new prescription, and tried his new glasses prescription for the first time. He had a wonderful experience and said: “I can see everything perfect now.”

– This is my new prescription now?
– This is the new one.
– Oh my God, okay wow.
I really have to come more frequently I can see everything perfect now.
What a huge difference.
You see, with this prescription I can’t even read the first line and I can read it now.
Oh my God, I have to come more often.
So how often do I have to come, because I was coming every 2-3 years?
– Every year.
– Every year?
– Not because of the prescription, but because of the eye too.
– Okay. Dr. Leonard was telling me about that.
That he has to keep an eye on what’s happening with them?
– Yeah, every year.
– Okay.
– It’s like you’re doing a physical for your eye.
– This is why he wanted me to bring the rest of the glasses?
– Mhm. So we can update the prescription.
– My God, what a difference. This is great.
– So, let me have you put these back on.
– See, with the other glasses that thing back there that says: “O” something with a flag is foggy. But with these I can see “O, M, G, Y, R, W, H, Y, A, M, I, R”. That’s incredible.

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