Review – Prescription Glasses For Sensitive Eyes

Your eyes are very important; they should be examined very carefully to look for your right correction. Dr. Barry Leonard is an eye specialist who has helped thousands of patients with sensitive eyes and tough prescriptions.


Since I made the appointment, the staff was professional, called me and reminded me about the appointment. The doctor and his team are extremely acknowledgeable about patients’ eyes, I have a very tough prescription, I have very sensitive eyes, and they thoroughly examined my vision. The staff the managers, everybody in the team here are A+ rating. I will definitely come back and recommend anybody to come into this office to get their prescriptions done, glasses purchases, etc…

If you struggle with having sensitive eyes and have a tough prescription, Dr. Leonard and Associates is the place you want to go to for all your eye care needs. They’ll get you the perfect pair of prescription glasses for your needs.

Here at Dr. Leonard and Associates, we provide personal quality eye care to the community and have been since 1957.

If you need eye care in Panorama City, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, Northridge, Granada Hills or anywhere in the San Fernando Valley, give us a call at 818-891-6711 and book an appointment today!