5 Reasons Why You Need an Exam Exam Now

Even if your vision is perfect now, that won’t always be the case. The quality of your vision can deteriorate over time, and you must take the necessary steps to protect your eyes. For most, that means annual eye exams where your eye doctor will test your vision and measure how it changes as you age.

Visiting an Optometrist is an important step in maintaining your vision. We highly recommend that you visit an Optometrist at least once a year. These visits are designed to determine if you need an upgraded prescription, check for signs of eye diseases (like glaucoma and cataracts), and can even help you diagnose other general health problems.

Here are just a few of the reasons to schedule your annual eye exam today.

1. Digital Screens

Chances are you own several electronic devices with screens. Almost everyone these days owns a smartphone, and you probably also use a PC, laptop, or tablet, too. And do you have a TV? Many people need to use a computer for their work. On average, most people spend over 40% of their day looking at a screen.

Prolonged exposure to digital devices can lead to eye strain due to many factors, including long exposure to bright light, blue light and infrequent blinking. Prolonged exposure to blue light is a strain on the eyes and can interfere with our sleep cycles, too. Avoid screens within an hour of going to sleep and use specially coated lenses to block harmful blue light.

Screen time has even been shown to be a contributing factor for Myopia.

At an eye exam, your Optometrist will give be able to determine if your screen time is harming your vision, and advise you on how to keep your eyes from deteriorating from excessive screen use.

2. Relieving Allergy Symptoms

Summer brings with it pollen and other airborne allergens. Common symptoms of allergies include swollen and itchy eyes. Rubbing your eyes is a reflex you probably can’t control, but if you aren’t careful, you might end up suffering from a common eye injury like a corneal abrasion.

An eye exam will help uncover potential damage to your eyes you may have inadvertently caused by scratching them, and to help prevent further damage and discomfort. We can also prescribe eye drops to help relieve the itching caused by allergies and other conditions.

3. Prevent Vision Degradation

Whether you have 20/20 vision or are using prescription glasses, regular eye exams help prevent your vision from getting worse. You may not notice that your vision is degrading, as the process is gradual. Your Optometrist will be able to detect even the smallest changes in your vision, and even determine if those changes are a sign of something more serious with your eyes.

If you already wear glasses, you’ll get a new prescription to help you see more clearly. And if you use contact lenses, it’s important to meet with your Optometrist regularly and get your eyes checked. Contact lenses reduce the amount of oxygen reaching the surface of your eye, so contact lens wearers tend to be prone to eye infections.

4. Avoid Damage from the Sun

You’ve probably been enjoying the great outdoor weather here in Southern California. Unfortunately, the UV rays coming from the sun are very harmful to your eyes. Unless you regularly wear protective sunglasses, your eyes are in danger of macular degeneration. Cataracts are another common problem that comes from sun damage.

Your eye exam will reveal if your eyes are experiencing damage from the sun. In the meanwhile, do what you can to protect your eyes from the sun.

5. Know Your Eyes Are Healthy

If you’re a senior, you are at high risk of problems with your vision. This can be especially unsafe if you still drive. In order to keep driving safely, you need to get your eyes checked at least once a year. (See more information about Senior Eye Conditions and Senior Eye Care.)

When you get an eye exam from your Optometrist, they will provide you with the prescription you need to be able to keep yourself and other people safe.

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