Review – “I can see EVERYTHING”

Regret is not an emotion our patients at the California Keratoconus Center often have, but that’s what Rick has — full on regret — for taking so long to do something about his poor vision.

He has been a sales rep visiting our office for many years. Still he was putting off getting an exam here. Since he was in the sales business for vision products, he would have occasion to visit many optometrists and have his eyes examined by many of them, but none of them had diagnosed him with Keratoconus. They just missed it.

At the California Keratoconus Center, he was examined by the Director, Dr. Barry Leonard, and was diagnosed with Keratoconus. Dr. Leonard designed custom Hybrid Keratoconus Contact Lenses for Rick. This video was shot shortly after he started wearing them for the first time.

So what’s his next emotion after Regret? He feels excitement, exuberance and a desire to go home to look at his wife and children.

He said this about his new contact lenses: “Once I put these in, it’s like I was a newborn baby. It’s crazy, it’s like I want to curse right now (for waiting so long). It’s MIND-BLOWING. I can see EVERYTHING. Like it’s crazy. I’ve never been able to see like this since…ever! So like this is mind-blowing. I’m excited to just go home and look at my kids and my wife. And it’s truly amazing!”

Having the right doctor can be key to treating any medical condition, including your vision. Here at the California Keratoconus Center, we specialize in Keratoconus and other Corneal Dystrophies (abnormalities).

Patients visit us from all over the country here in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. If you know you have Keratoconus, or simply know that you have an eye condition that no one else has been able to properly treat, visit the California Keratoconus Center in the offices of Dr. Barry Leonard and Associates, call 818-891-6711 or visit us at

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