Review – Keratoconus Contact Lenses

This first-time patient was having issues with his Keratoconus. After trying Scleral Contact lenses recommended by Dr. Barry Leonard to treat his Keratoconus, he saw big changes! Dr. Barry Leonard, an Optometrist in Los Angeles, successfully fitted the contacts and gave him the best vision he has had in years!


Hi, this is Alfred, and I am wearing my new custom contact lenses, and this is amazing. I have Keratoconus, and I came to Dr. Leonard, and he really helped me out a lot. Now I am seeing better than I’ve done in literally 10 years. It feels comfortable, it is so clear, they’re wonderful. Everyone here has treated me great. Sandra has trained me on how to put the contact lenses in- she’s wonderful, she’s amazing, everybody is amazing. I highly recommend anyone to come here, because there are the greatest professionals in the world.

If you struggle with Keratoconus and are looking for a pair of contact lenses that are comfortable to wear, come pay a visit to Dr. Leonard and Associates in Los Angeles. Dr. Leonard and Associates will get you the perfect pair of contacts that will help your eyes feel comfortable all day long.

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