Review – Keratoconus Patient “It’s Changed My Life”

“I see colors in a new way” says Professor Soheil B.

The CSUN Geography professor was diagnosed with Keratoconus in 2015. He wore glasses but he said they help very little, which is no surprise when we’re talking about Keratoconus. With glasses, he could see 20/40, but he had trouble seeing at work, using a computer and driving at night due to the glare of his High Order Aberrations that often accompany Keratoconus. He offered his comments on this video soon after he began wearing his new BostonSight Scleral Lenses, designed by Dr. Barry Leonard, Director of the California Keratoconus Center.

In the video he says that his new Keratoconus Contact Lenses have “It’s not just about vision, it’s changed my life!” He goes on to say that, the way he sees colors has changed, his daily life has changed, and now he is no longer scared to drive at night.

If you have been diagnosed with Keratoconus and would like to finally see clearly, visit the California Keratoconus Center, where we focus on non-surgical Keratoconus treatment. “State of the Art” doesn’t begin to describe the technology at the CKC. Dr. Leonard is often asked by the technology creators to teach the art of Keratoconus treatment to other Optometrists. Got KC? Make an appointment today by visiting or calling 818-891-6711.

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