Review – Keratoconus Patient “Sometimes I get Emotional!”

“Sometimes, I get emotional!” says Geovanni.

Geovanni has Keratoconus and has been struggling with his vision for years. He had tried contact lenses before, but they didn’t work for him. So, he set his contacts aside and wore glasses for three years.

The problem is that glasses can’t fully correct the vision of someone with Keratoconus, because the irregular cornea refracts light differently depending on what angle it comes from. That means when Geovanni looks anywhere but straight ahead — left, right, up, down — the glasses stop correcting properly.

“Leaves used to look like blobs,” he said. “And now they’re clearly leaves!”

That’s when Geovanni got overwhelmed.

He now wears SpecialEyes Toric Soft Contact Lenses designed for him by Dr. Javier Villalobos of the California Keratoconus Center.

Geovanni was reluctant but decided to move forward because he wanted clearer vision. And now he doesn’t regret his decision one bit, and wished he would have done it sooner.

Do YOU have Keratoconus? Are you tired of suffering with bad vision due to Keratoconus or other corneal dystrophies? The California Keratoconus Center specializes in non-surgical Keratoconus Treatment.

See Dr. Villalobos, or Dr. Barry Leonard, Director of the Center. Make an appointment by going to or call 818-891-6711.

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